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The self-promotion and encouragement of consumption is what is starting to turn me off of social media as well. Those elements were always there but, to me they used to be fun. Almost whimsical, which allowed open space for sharing creativity. Lately, at least for me, it has changed to something more... capitalist? It feels like everyone is just competing with everyone for attention, not sharing.

Therese Brown

Yes, right. When I speak of consumption, it's almost more of a passive absorption. That's why I always liked (and still do) Flickr, because there was usually a give and take of our creations. We sort of spurred each other on. That's definitely less so on other sites. And while I like to keep track of goings on, I find my feed on FB, anyway, less filled with my friends sharing their thoughts than so many other things. Even going back to share these posts today felt overwhelming after being away for a few weeks.

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